A new piece I created featuring a fabulous Cygnet Bay South Sea Pearl is currently in the gallery at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm as part of their recent design competition.

As with all my work, 'Drift' is designed to be handled and appreciated from all angles. It is forged from a plate of mild steel which I carved as ripples in sand then rusted to capture the colour of the Kimberley. The ripples wrap themselves around the pearl, nestled in a cluster of barnacles with diamonds twinkling like droplets of water. A sculpted gold twig rests lightly on the crests of the sand. The scene is framed by softly curling boab leaves in blackened steel, dropping down to more little diamonds on the ends of the cuff - the riveted hull of a pearling lugger or stars in the midnight sky? 'Drift' has the Kimberley Coast in its DNA and is imbued with the spirit of place.